Hi, this is Gabby from Speedy Sep, and today I’m going to browse through about 11 different looks for Christmas themed apparel.


We can start off with ugly sweaters, they tend to be more detailed. They also tend to be full chest designs. They can be a sort of meme or a celebrity or character or a saying, usually have snowflake or some sort of winter pattern and definitely have pure colors if it is a vector.


Next, we have group designs. These could be family friends, it’s usually the same design on multiple different sizes or similar design, different verbiage. Here we have Boss Elf, Festive Elf, Sweet Elf, Cute, Sassy, and as you can see they’re going on to different garments whether it is a parent, a child, a newborn. Here we have our standard T-shirts, this could be family, friends, group. Here’s one that particularly names the members of a family.


Next, we have a couple or duo designs different than the group designs because these will have a set of tips to do something like Mr. And Mrs. Claus, naughty or nice, Mr. and Mrs. Duo designs are great to match significant others or friends.


Next, we have pop culture, song lyrics, quotes, movies, anything relating to the general time period that we are in, memes, COVID, quarantine, Game of Thrones, pretty much anything.


Next, we have patterns can go super generic with Christmas sweater, seamless patterns, or even flannel plaids, leopard print, and you see how they’re inside objects, at least these last two in particular.


Our next theme is Santa Claus, just anything relating to Santa Claus as a figure, as a jolly man, different scenes. Dear Santa could even throw in some pop-culture there. Maybe he’s dabbing or flossing, maybe it’s a white Claws logo.


Now on to just generic holiday time designs, nothing saying Merry Christmas but the color choices, fonts, and the verbiage that is used can give off a generic holiday vibe. Merry and bright, let it snow, happy holidays, maybe even joy, just trees, snowflakes, presence, Arctic animals.


The next thing we can go over is puns. This can also be roped into the Santa Claus designs. All of these themes kind of go hand in hand at certain points, but generally are falling under specific groups. Sleigh my name. Oh, dear. Dabbing tabbing through the snow.


Next, we have typography. So, our verbiage will be creating an abstract design in and of itself. So, for example, this is in the shape and bounds of a long beard. Here’s one in a Christmas tree. And here’s one that shapes a Christmas tree based on how thick, wide, tall, color, etc. each word is with little design elements such as the star, the ornaments, and the base. And here’s just another example of a Christmas tree.


Our next theme outfits and by this, I mean T-shirts that emulate a specific costume or dress of a character. Santa Claus elf, so obviously for Santa Claus it is on a group it is on a red T-shirt. An elf could be on red or even a green T-shirt.


And finally, we have faces, just silhouetted faces or detailed faces for a snowman. We could have it on a white T-shirt, for the Grinch green, Jack Skellington black, and white can do Santa Claus. And these tend to be minimalistic when it comes to vector images. Thank you so much for watching, and I hope this sparks any creativity in creating new holiday designs.

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