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Small Business Practices During The Corona Virus

From a loss of business to remote working, how we do business is definitely shifting fast during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, forcing businesses to adapt. Protecting your business during this fast-moving pandemic means a lot more than just giving it a good scrubbing. You need to prepare for the worst and keep staff and customers well-informed…

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How to Perform a Trademark Search of Your T-Shirt Designs

The most important thing a T-shirt designer/business owner needs to know before they start selling is the copyright and trademark laws. While there are numerous images, symbols, and materials you can incorporate in a T-shirt or other product design, not all can be used without permission. To protect themselves, businesses should know how to perform a trademark search on the logo design and phrase used. This will help ensure that you avoid wasting time (what if the logo/phrase is already taken) and money. The last thing you want to do is end up with boxes full of inventory you can’t sell because you’ve unknowingly infringed on someone’s copyrights. You can also end up in court because you didn’t adhere to the current trademark rules.
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